"In my free time as a hobby much to the dismay of my family, I have tracked tigers in Laos, Nepal, India and other parts of Russia including the ocean side tiger reserve of Lazo Zapovednik. But honestly, at least in my view, none of them can really compare to the experiences I've had at Durminskoye. I have spent two consecutive winters now at the base with Alexander and the team. Tracking the Amur tiger in the wild is simply one of the most vivid memories (and photos) of any vacation I've ever had. You maybe won't see a tiger, but then maybe you might. But one thing's for sure, the tiger will be watching you! Tracking in the wild with Alexander made me almost pinch myself to know this was happening, looking for tigers in the snow. It felt like I was witnessing a way of life that is disappearing fast. The silence and peace there also helped me get the time off I needed, away from the blackberry and fast pace of life I left behind in Hong Kong. What makes it most memorable however, and why I went back again are the team. Having Alexander explain the forest and the events within it just by reading the snow is amazing to me. The stories of his experience as an outdoorsmen in the Russian far east at dinner were equally inspiring to me. They are simply exceptional human beings, and were truthfully dedicated to making my stay special. Thanks guys, long live your efforts and the Amur tiger!"

Fabio Stefani, Hong Kong (December 2010 & 2011)


"Now I'm back home safely. We have experienced the pure life in woods: cooking fish and mushrooms from the river and forest, staying overnight at the trapper's cabin, climbing the observation post… Alexander, Sergei, and Sasha took great care of us and Sasha was simply a great guy. Thank you for the planning, and explanations throughout our stay… I remember each of Alexander's stories about life in the taiga as enjoyed my time in the woods.
It was the best vacation choice we made this year. Thank you very much.

Mr. and Mrs. Sawada, Japan (Sep/Oct 2011)