Safety is an absolute priority for the team and years of experience in the taiga safeguards our standards. All the trips are guided and led by either Alexander or his son Sergei. They instruct the tourists on all necessary measures of safety while tracking in the taiga. As a precaution for all outdoorsmen of the taiga, our guides possess hunting rifles and will each guide no more than 2 - 3 visitors. As expected, the guides have expert knowledge of local terrain and wildlife behavior. Humans and animals have coexisted in forests here for millennia, and there is no reason for that not to continue in a safe manner when rules and precautions are adhered to.

The Durminskoye reserve and surrounding territory is free from encephalitis – no cases of the disease has been registered since the reserve exists. However, there are some ticks present in the area during warmer seasons, and visitors are provided with a special outfit (jacket and pants) covered with tick repellant. The guides possess al the necessary knowledge how to prevent injuries, remove ticks and treat tick bites.

In case of emergency there is possibility for evacuation via helicopter and we recommend as with any holiday that visitors obtain proper travel insurance. Meanwhile, our guides are trained and are capable to provide first aid if necessary.