• Durminskoye Reserve is in the South-Eastern part of Russia in Khabarovsk territory located about two hours drive from Khabarovsk, Russia. This is prime Ussuri taiga habitat adjacent to foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range. (See Google Earth below for exact GPS location).

Transfer to/from Khabarovsk cityand our base in Durminskoye reserve are arranged by 4WD vehicles. (Once at the base, in winter, snowmobiles are used additionally and for shorter trips we offer to use cross country or hunting skies). In summer through fall, transfer to the base can be arranged via a longer road (200 km driving). Part of the road is a gravel road, it goes through two mountain passes from where you can see a wide panorama of the hills and woods around. In winter season the shorter road along the river Durmin is used for transportation to the base (140 km).

International flightsinto Khabarovsk (KHV) are available from Seoul (Asiana Airlines), by S7 Airlines from Hong Kong, while flights by S7 and Aeroflot from Harbin, Beijing, and Tokyo are also possible.

Domestic flightswithin Russia are widespread across many airlines most notably Aeroflot, S7 airline and Transaero airline from Moscow and most major cities in Russia. See for full details on airlines and cities.

Satellite phonescan be used for communication if required, while regular mobile phones can be used in some parts of the reserve at the hills, though cell phone network and reception is not consistent.

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