Our base consists of a circle of four log cabins for visitors, while Alexander and our staff live in similar adjacent cabins located together directly in the center of the reserve. Each log cabin is styled individually and can house of up to two visitors, each with single bed, electricity (220 volt, Russian plug), fireplace and other basic furniture. The accommodation is simple and nothing fancy, yet also clean and cozy as any log cabin, especially in the winter time. Overall, that's our style of life here and we hope you enjoy it too!

Daily bathing and cleansing with heated water occurs in our banya (Russian sauna), while fresh water directly sourced from a natural well is provided to each cabin for daily use.

Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) usually consist of Russian national dishes and local foods including game and fish from the reserve itself, locally grown vegetables such mushrooms and take place in the base's kitchen with Alexander and the team. (Any specific dietary requirements should be made known in advance and can be catered for). There is also a cottage with a small museum and a large dining room at the first floor should guests prefer to dine with more space and alone from the base's team.

Alexander and the base's personnel also have some other "friends" being several friendly pet dogs, cats and even some minks. Not far from the base is also a ginseng plantation and fresh water pools of fish in summer. Meanwhile closer to the borders of the reserve and buffer zone are several cabins where some of the reserve's volunteers and staff stay for the purpose of animals observation and protection.

The base and cabins are 100% powered by solar and wind energy, while eco-friendly bio or composting toilets are used in the visitor cabins.