• Awarded Winner of Tiger Conservation and Leadership in Ecology by the Khabarovsky Krai Ministry of Natural Resources (2013)

  • Welcome to Russia Tiger Tracking, and enjoy your visit with us!

  • The Durminskoye reserve is located in Russia's Far East, where calm and nature's silence reign.

  • We'll be happy to host you in what is Russia's first eco-lodge specifically dedicated to the Amur Tiger.

  • The reserve is 20,000 hectares, has 40 species of mammals and over 100 species of birds.

  • It is also home to the critically endangered Amur tiger, which our team is specialized in tracking all seasons.


The Amur Region of Eastern Russia is beautifully wild, unexpectedly exotic and home to the Amur Tiger. Few places I've visited have the same magic. The flickering candle that is the future survival of the Tiger burns most brightly in regions close to passionate protectors of their forest home. Alexander Batalov is a guardian of the forest with an intimate understanding of not only the Tiger, but the intricacies of the eastern forest and all its workings.

Gordon Buchanan, Wildlife Documentary Film Maker.